The excitement of having a new Kitchen Installed is something that only occurs in adulthood, you definitely know you’re an adult when you’re excited about picking out your new kitchen door handles!! What is even more exciting is when your perfect Kitchen is being installed, by Avery Carpentry Services Plymouth! The steps to having your immaculate new kitchen installed are simple with us and you will be left with a kitchen that works perfectly for your kitchen needs!



Our kitchens, installed all over Plymouth, are designed with features to compliment the space you have and need. If you have a big family with plenty of shopping to pack away, then cupboard space may be a requirement higher than any other. Alternatively, your new kitchen installation may leave you a new space for more utility machines. At Avery Carpentry Services we have many different styles of kitchens to choose from all perfectly manufactured and perfectly fitted for you home. We understand houses in Plymouth come in all different shapes and sizes therefore, so do our kitchens! Our designs can be integrated into any historic features you may want to compliment with a new modern style or traditional rustic style kitchen.

We have over 20 years’ experience and having a team of carpentry experts means we can fully install your kitchen cabinets, whilst also putting the finishing touches together for the pristine finish you want for your home. Our start to finish service means we will organise every step of the project for you, including if required any building, electrical or plumbing requirements. In our professional joinery workshop in Plymouth, we are able to perform precision cutting and moulding to create a flush finish on every project. Our skilled joiners enable us to provide the highest standards in joinery, something of which we are very proud to offer!


You can enquire for your free quote today and discuss any questions you have with a professional. We can also submit planning applications for new building projects, so if your kitchen needs more space, we can do that too!

Our team always turn up on time and complete the job to a much more than satisfactory level, with respect towards the customer, their family and neighbours and their belongings.  We will always keep you updated on the progress of your kitchen installation and let you know if there are any improvements we could make or anything that could cause a delay.

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Get a perfect new kitchen installed today!
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